Tracking your alcohol consumption - the secret weapon for hitting your fitness goals

Building a better body is a dream that millions of people wish they could turn into reality. In fact, studies from Statista show that “doing more exercise” is the #1 most common New Year’s Resolution - and it’s closely followed by “losing weight”. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of people take on a fitness challenge, whether it’s an NYR or not. And it’s not through a lack of effort.

In many cases, people instantly limit their hopes of success in fitness by neglecting the fact that it has to be a part of a much wider lifestyle change. After all, even if you commit yourself to an hour of exercise each day, this only accounts for 5% of your day. To unlock the best results, you must also pay attention to your sleeping habits and nutrition. Alcohol consumption is one of the most commonly overlooked features of all. Learning to track your drinking habits could be the catalyst for renewed success in your fitness journey.

There are many reasons why alcohol can sabotage your fitness adventure. Some of the most important issues include;

  • Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram and simultaneously reduces the body’s natural rate of burning fat,

  • A regular beer at the standard 12oz size contains around 150 calories while a 5 oz wine has around 125.

  • The average person consumes 9.5 alcoholic drinks per week, which equates to nearly a full day’s worth of drinking.

Moreover, it should be noted that most people are unlikely to exercise when they have a hangover. It is far more probable that they will turn to fatty foods. In short, you will be guilty of consuming more calories than you should and burning fewer calories than you’d like.

On the other hand, getting fitter is an ambition that is supposed to improve your quality of life. For most people, quitting alcohol altogether won’t achieve that goal. While a short-term detox can help you get the new fitness plans off to a great start, sustained success relies heavily on establishing a better relationship with alcohol. Tracking your alcohol consumption with an app can be the ideal solution.

It may seem a little obsessive, but tracking your alcohol consumption can deliver similar results to tracking your food or exercise routines. It is a simple task that removes all the guesswork and will help you regain control over your relationship with alcohol by;

  • Helping you plan the days that you wish to consume alcohol - perhaps as a reward or motivational tool - so that it does not knock you off track with your fitness goals.

  • Identifying any issues that you previously didn’t know, such as binge drinking when you thought you were only having a quiet one.

  • Allowing you to see how far you’ve progressed, which can inspire you to stay disciplined and keep going strong.

Moreover, the winning mindset in relation to alcohol consumption should influence your approach to eating and exercise too. No matter what stage of the fitness journey you are currently at, there is no question that this move will have a positive impact. While it’s not the only key factor in your bid to build a better body, the role it plays should not be underestimated for a second.